Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Gattaca - Jennifer Medina

Frame 1: Gender Differences At Work
Whenever Vincent would talk to any of the men in his life, he would demonstrate report talk. For example, Vincent demonstrated conversational command when he was working as a custodian. Vincent’s boss told him to not clean the glass too well. Vincent acknowledged his boss’s comment and explained why he was cleaning it so thoroughly. Vincent explained that one day his boss would look through the clean glass and see him on the other side as a worker at Gattaca. Vincent took control of the conversation and even explained his long term goal to his boss.
Whenever Irene would talk with Vincent, she would demonstrate rapport talk. For example, Irene demonstrated equality through matching experiences. Vincent gave Irene one of his hairs, so that she could find out what was wrong with him once and for all. Irene let go of the hair and said, “The wind caught it.” Irene used the exact same saying that Vincent used when Vincent was given the opportunity to find out more about Irene by testing one of her hairs.

Frame 2: Gender Identity As Organizational Performance
Vincent, as a man, could not act overly excited about going on a mission. He had to play it cool and act emotionless. Irene would often find Vincent watching the shuttles as they were taking off. She mentioned, “You’re the only one that watches all of them. If you’re going to pretend like you don’t care, don’t look up.” Vincent did not reply to her statement. This was his way of not acknowledging that he was excited about any of the missions. He was not supposed to show his excitement.
Irene, as a woman, was not supposed to question authority in the organization. Her boss told her that she had to assist with the investigation. She tried to speak her piece and give her reasoning why this assignment would interfere with her work, but her boss ignored Irene. He told her that she had to take the assignment and then he dismissed her. Irene did not have any power in the organization and she was never to question power from the men in the organization.

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