Sunday, November 25, 2007

Alex Malliaris - Mike Liebhold

By spending time thinking about the future it will enable us to be proactive in our adaptations. Like it or not, the future is coming our way. We can draw off of the insights of professionals in various fields in order to anticipate developments. There will always be "wildcards" which suprise us, but generally we can do a fairly accurate job of mapping out the future.

I was fascinated by the possibility of grocery stores keeping track of purchases and passing them along to health insurance companies. To think that computer systems can potentially be that interconnected is amazing. Revelation of this information would likely be helpful for medical care providers to know because it would enable doctors to coach their patients about ways to help themselves.

Computers have become incredibly powerful and even greater improvements are coming quickly. Technology is advancing at a rapid pace, allowing interconnectedness between systems. Accuracy is sharpening and graphics are becoming far more realistic. The world wide web is being transformed into a geospatial web.

Information about places will be recorded and kept so that years of news can be retreived for comparison. Location is becoming increasingly important.

I was struck by the fact that we are in "the future." This time that has forever existed only in our dreams and imaginations is here. We are living out what we've always hoped for and it's exciting to be growing up and becoming and adult during this wonderful time of discovery and innovation.

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