Thursday, November 29, 2007

Joan- Mass Advertising Scenario Story Development

Mass Advertising Scenario Story Development
In the year 2017, the world will be like a big news paper because advertisements will be everywhere. No one will care about these advertisements because during this time, it relates to your true identity without tracking what your real interests are. Advertisement will be like a shotgun effect. This means advertisers will not target anyone on a personal level based on age, economics, sex, and ethnic background. For instance, Coach is an expensive luxury brand for women’s purses. This will probably be advertised in any area no matter how poor or rich the region is. Since it will be the year 2017, people will do ordinary things people do now but with more advance technology than ever. Our group came up with an advertising company named Futurescope. We will consult our clientele with assistance with marketing their products. At our job, people will have open floor plans and open communication. For example, there would not be any cubicles. Because Utopian View will be enforced in our company, everyone is going to be equal no matter what their position is. Utopian View will improve our productivity and work life. Everyone will have better medical and benefits while working at Futurescope. Open communication will consist of opinions, evaluations, and feedback among colleagues. To have open communication improve more effectively, our organization would like to include Quality Improvement Teams, as discussed in the book. Quality Improvement Teams are people who would like to help improve client satisfaction, team performance, and reduce costs. Work will have a new meaning of a perfect environment. People will get up in the morning because they love to go to work because it is a very comfortable place.
In the larger-scale forces, this scenario will cover more social attitudes than any. Supportive Communication will be added to Futurescope. This means our organization will “emphasize on active listening and taking a real interest in employees is even more useful” (288). This will help our employees become more equal. There will be no outcast. No matter what people wear, think, act, etc it will be all equal. On the quality scale, people will be happier, stress less, and live longer because communication will be much better.
In our day and age, we are on the verge of a communication crisis. We are unhappy at work because many of us have to balance out family, work, and school. That is why 2017 will be a better place to live. No one will be in competition. We will have a more peaceful society because of the better psychological environment we are going to have in the year 2017. All stocks will be approximately the same. Most stocks will go up high in percentages. No stocks will ever go down drastically to make our economy worst. No, you shouldn’t kill yourself later because we will have a better life if you wait. Standards will only change in terms of better technology. By the year 2017, we will have better communication technology. Just like in chapter 8, Virtual Teams will be incorporated at work. Because of our clientele is geographically everywhere, Futurescope will have a range of technological tools to support our clientele geographically to efficiently work together across time and space in what are called virtual teams. Microsoft will still be around along with other word document softwares. There would not be any competition between the softwares because all companies have an equal opportunity to succeed. There will be less biased people.

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