Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Guest Speaker: Mike Liebhold

Posted by Jessica Jordan

I enjoyed the class presentation by our guest speaker Mike Liebhold and particularly, I took interest in the mention of GeoRss and its application in the future. I expect that GeoRss will add to the online world becoming a part of our real life experiences. I like how GeoRss takes an Rss feed and serves to represent a location. I understand it to be a form of geo tagging where language is translated into points, lines, and boundaries to describe a location. For me, GeoRss is useful because I love to travel and with this technology I will be able to blog about a vacation and use real life criteria such as maps and images to enhance my sharing experience with others. Overall, I found the other material discussed in the PowerPoint slides to be informative and intriguing because I rarely think about the future and what is being done now to have an impact on it.

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